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Celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day In Iran

For Iranians, cryptocurrencies could be a potential hedge against rampant inflation [File: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg] Tehran, Iran – Reza Abdollahi isn’t just a fan of cryptocurrencies. He’s among the fledgling ranks of business owners in Iran who accept them as a form of payment. For the past six months, customers at his Mashhad restaurant, 1001 Nights Cinema […]

Bitcoin Stock Market

Study: Bitcoin Derivatives Exchanges Register Record Trading Volumes

Cryptocurrency research firm Diar has indicated that institutional traders recently registered record high volumes on bitcoin (BTC) derivatives exchanges in a report published on May 21. Per the report, bitcoin derivatives trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) hit an all-time-high for two months in a row. Bitcoin derivatives trading volume on CME. Source: Diar […]

Bitcoin Stock Market

Traders Are Piling Into Bitcoin As A Haven Against Volatile Markets. This Researcher Warns They Could Get Burned.

Bitcoin isn’t a ‘unique’ hedge as it’s vulnerable to the same market risks as conventional investments, according to a new study.It becomes more exposed to factors such as inflation expectations when its price is less volatile, the researcher found.The findings are a “cautionary note” for investors, writes author Dimitrios Koutmos, as they suggest bitcoin isn’t […]

Bitcoin Stock Market

Bitcoin Would Be A Better Currency For These 45 Million People, Even When It’s Crashing

Yes, cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile, but the coins used by whole countries can be even worse. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, were designed to be just that: currencies that could supplant so-called state-supported “fiat” currencies like the Dollar or the Euro. In practice, however, the volatile value of Bitcoin and other cryptos has led most people […]

Bitcoin Stock Market

Life after Facebook: New book ‘Bitcoin Billionaires’ redeems the Winklevoss twins

In case you were wondering what those Winklevoss Twins have been up to after that whole Facebook debacle, here it is. Bitcoin Billionaires starts right where the Facebook lawsuit between the Winklevii and Mark Zuckerberg left off, taking us on a bumpy ride through bitcoin’s earlier days. Author Ben Mezrich first covered this trio in […]

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When Tapas met Tandoori: What happens when award-winning Spanish chef Andoni Luis Aduriz samples the flavours of Old Delhi?

It’s a gentle winter afternoon, the perfect time to escort celebrated chef Andoni Luis Aduriz, the man behind the award-winning Spanish restaurant Mugaritz, around Old Delhi. The two-star Michelin restaurant Mugaritz is housed in an old mansion on the border of the Basque towns Errenteria and Astigarraga close to San Sebastián. It ranks ninth on […]