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By Dixon Jones

Digital marketing comes in so many shades, that many businesses do not realise all the digital assets that they have. But it’s the business that not only “audits” their digital assets, but joins them up so that every asset gains leverage from, and lends leverage to, other assets that will win almost any digital marketing war.

A simple example is the link between the Newsletter and the Blog. In isolation, a blog only attracts readers that will click on the blog. However good the content, it needs to be fed to the audience. At the same time, the Newsletter comes around every month for companies struggling to manage day-to-day resources and often the content is thin and rushed. By linking the Newsletter to Blog posts, the Newsletter content is already written and the Blog Content already has an active marketing campaign. Now link in automatic tweeting of new blog content and mentions within your own company’s social circles and the leverage of the blog content starts to have real meaning.

As this idea of connecting the digital assets into a coordinated campaign develops, it becomes easier to see where that “URL shortener” suddenly becomes a valuable click tracking tool and where that technology that you invested in, for showing different phone numbers to different users to track phone calls in your web analytics, can connect the dots even further.

By concentrating all the digital marketing efforts around one piece of online content – be it in a blog post or on the main site – you also go a long way towards giving the search engines a clear signal of where the authority content is surrounding a campaign, whilst at the same time allowing the audience to engage at a time and a place that suits them – whether through Facebook, a press release on a respected industry blog or a QR code from their mobile phone. All roads should lead to Rome.


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