The Value Theory of Content Marketing: It’s Priceless!

Advertising & Marketing

    By Luella Ben Aziza

I err on the phrase content marketing as it suggests that content created for marketing, or that content is a marketing tactic. I believe that content marketing is an approach to marketing that is fit for the digital age. For me, it’s proven the most effective approach to B2B lead generation that I’ve tried in 7 years of marketing. I have seen marketing campaigns that are led by a cracking piece of content impact businesses beyond rankings and traffic, improving culture and customer experience. From the coalface, it’s obvious that good content-led marketing sustainably lowers cost per acquisition, contributes to a winning strategy, creates competitive advantage, helps you retain customers and fosters cross-functional collaboration and sales and marketing alignment. It’s priceless. Let me explain some of the less-understood benefits:

  • What’s content good for?
Retaining customers
  • Acts as a value-add for existing customers
  • Have better conversations with customers
Acquiring new customers
  • Generates traffic and ‘baby’ leads that can be nurtured to sale
  • Provides ‘hooks’ for social media conversations and gives a reason to follow you
  • Provides an endpoint for capturing data from other channels
  • Allows you to (viably) bid on more keywords
Nurturing leads
  • Helps educate existing leads down the funnel
  • Offers a ‘hook’ for sales conversations
Capturing data
  • Every piece you publish is an opportunity to grow your database with relevant contacts (and enrich it with content preferences)
Up-skilling your people
  • Authors get to build their profiles
  • During production, the content team learn a topic in depth
  • If you have a sales team, they’ll learn the topic to impress customers…
  • Contributors are encouraged to be more active on social media
  • Provides reference material for answering queries


Developing knowledge across functions
  • The combined new knowledge can uncover new content, marketing or revenue opportunities
Getting you exposure
  • Newsworthy, valuable content is more likely to get you press coverage, links and search rankings – leading to traffic, leads and sales
  • This exposure can introduce you to new potential partners, who’ll want to work with you

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