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Lunar Eclipse 2021 Updates: NASA Moon Video Shows Path Of Total Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse 2021 image: Partial Lunar Eclipse from Charlotte in North Carolina, US

The Lunar Eclipse and Super Blood Moon on Wednesday were very special. This was the first total Lunar Eclipse in over two years. The celestial drama was live online and people staying at places where the Lunar Eclipse and the Super Blood Moon were not visible also enjoyed watching the cosmic event. The total Lunar Eclipse occured for over several hours, when the Moon passed through the Earth’s shadow. The Moon was closest to the Earth in its orbit. 

See here: The Super Flower Blood Moon over Los Angeles

Watch: How the total Lunar Eclipse occured

Watch: How the Full Moon entered the deepest part of Earth’s shadow – a total Lunar Eclipse

Full Moons are often known by different names depending on the local culture. The May Full Moon is known as the Flower Moon because this was the season in the Northern Hemisphere when spring flowers appeared in abundance.

Why is the Full Moon called a Super Blood Moon?

The term Blood Moon is not a scientific one but certain Full Moons are called the Super Blood Moon as it is at its closest point to the Earth in its orbit and that makes it look larger than usual. The moon appears reddish and rusty when it moves through Earth’s shadow. 

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