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Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister's Warning As State Preps For Unlock

Shivraj Chouhan said the rate of infection has dipped due to Corona curfew. (FILE)


Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Thursday said that restrictions will continue to remain in force despite the gradual unlocking of economic activities in the state from June 1. Public events, including political rallies, won’t be allowed, he said, adding, marriages will be allowed but with a cap of ten people and those who participate should be tested for COVID-19.

The Chief Minister said the recovery rate in the state is constantly increasing but “we should not become relaxed.” “The crisis still exists,” he said.

The ongoing ban on the assembly of five or more persons at one place will remain in place, Mr Chouhan said.

He also warned of the possibility of a third wave and said that a roadmap has been prepared to deal with such a scenario. Activities will begin but gradually, political rallies, meetings, and religious events will remain completely banned, he said.

Madhya Pradesh on Thursday reported 2,182 COVID-19 cases – with a 3.1 per cent positivity rate – 72 deaths and 7,479 recoveries in the last 24 hours. Total active cases have declined to 43,265 now. 17 districts now have a positivity rate below 10 per cent, but Indore and Bhopal continue to report 500 plus cases daily. Ratlam, Anuppur and Sidhi districts too are a cause of concern, the Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister said the 45 districts with low positivity rate will start getting relaxations gradually, however, seven districts, including Bhopal and Indore, may not get any relaxations. Ratlam, Rewa, Sidhi, Anuppur and Sagar are among these seven districts. There is a need for caution in these districts as well as the entire state.

The rate of infection has come down as a result of implementation of the Corona curfew and the model ‘of the people, for the people and by the people’ has become a separate identity of the state in controlling the infection, Mr Chouhan said.

“We created the Crisis Management Group to deal with the crisis. Crisis Management Groups were formed at village, ward, block, city and district level. This has been our innovative experiment,” he said.

Madhya Pradesh had imposed a Corona Curfew in several districts of the state, including Bhopal and Indore, which will remain in force till May 31.

“Behaviour of shopkeepers and customers will have to be determined if the markets open. Use of masks, drawing circles in front of shops and following these measures in a disciplined manner is must to avoid spread of infection. Tests will also continue along with this. Around 75 thousand tests will be conducted daily,” the Chief Minister said.

The Corona curfew will be opened gradually, Mr Chouhan said. The Crisis Management Committees at the village,ward, block, city and district level will decide when activities will start, which activities will remain open and which will remain closed, he said.

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