Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

Farmers hoisted green flags in their courtyards and displayed their produce, along with a banner against the farm laws

It has been six months since farmers from various States started their protest against the Central government’s farm laws in the outskirts of Delhi.

Farmers across the country took the opportunity to rekindle the protest and their kindred spirits in Kerala too joined this nation wide protest in their own way, considering the lockdown.

The Dilli Chalo Karshaka Samara Aikyadardya Samithi in the State had organised an online convention to mark the day on Tuesday evening.

Inaugurating the convention, Yogendra Yadav, the spokesperson of the farmers’ protest in Delhi, noted that the protest has uplifted the self esteem of the farmers in the country like never before.

“More than being a protest against corporatisation of agriculture, it developed as a protest to protect the idea of India, the Republic, the Constitution, democracy and plurality of the country,” Mr.Yadav said, adding that farmers are evolving as the frontline fighters for India’s freedom.

Poet K.Satchidanandan said that the farmers’ protest is a new freedom struggle to promote federalism and diversity, besides giving the downtrodden a right to shout out.

Writer Khadeeja Mumtaz pointed out that the farmers’ protest represents an India that is not ready to lose. Kaleeshwaram Raj, advocate, opined that the farmers’ protest has created a scenario of re-visiting the Indian Constitution from the point of view of villages and that it will positively influence the judiciary in the country. Several leaders and activists such as C.R.Neelakandan, K.Ajitha, Sara Joseph and P.Rajeevan had been part of the online convention.

The Samithi had called for a ‘Prathishedha Muttam’ in every household on May 26, which was followed by thousands of supporters of the protest. They hoisted green flags in their courtyards and displayed their produce, along with a banner against the farm laws.

The social media was abuzz with different kinds of support for the protest, which included songs, dance and poems from the artistes. The protests will conclude at 6 p.m. with a ‘Prathishedha Pantham’ (torch of protest) being lit in every household.

The political parties too observed Wednesday as a ‘black day’ and organised protests in different parts of the State.

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