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The district has a positivity rate of 41.32% which is higher than the State’s average of 19.28


· Widespread vaccination since April and COVID-19 Mitra initiative attributed to decline in deaths due to COVID-19; Case Fatality Rate in Mysuru stands at 0.63 percent, which is lesser than State average of 1.86 percent

· District Administration aims to make Mysuru free of COVID-19 by July 1, which is observed as National Doctors’ Day

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Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri on Thursday argued that Mysuru recorded the highest positivity rate in the State since it has been carrying out targeted testing unlike the previous wave. Symptomatic persons are now being prominently tested and therefore the number of positive cases are high in Mysuru, she explained.

Mysuru has a positivity rate of 41.32 per cent which is higher than the State average of 19.28 per cent. It is currently carrying out nearly 5,000 tests daily.

In a FB live on Thursday, Ms. Sindhuri attributed the decline in case fatality rate (CFR) in Mysuru to widespread vaccination (45 years and above) with 72-80 per cent coverage in taluks and 65 per cent coverage in Mysuru city. Another reason for the fall in fatalities was the concept of COVID-19 Mitra, which has so far triaged nearly 25,000 people, helping them get early treatment.

The first five days of treatment is key and such early interventions in detecting COVID-19 infections has helped to mitigate deaths, she observed.

In the last seven days, Mysuru’s CFR is 0.63 per cent which is lesser than the State average of 1.86 per cent, she said, adding that the deaths are less in Mysuru compared to other districts.

Deworming day

Amidst the COVID-19 spike, Mysuru is observing deworming day on Friday. PHCs and healthcare workers would be distributing deworming tablets with the idea of improving nutrient absorption among people with co-morbidities and those who have recovered from COVID-19.

This step has been taken in view of the rise in the number of mucormycosis cases in the district. Better absorption of nutrients help people improve their immunity as people with co-morbidities and low immunity besides those infected and recovered from COVID-19 are prone to the fungal infection, said Ms. Sindhuri.

Nearly 2,500 people with co-morbidities who had recovered from COVID-19 infection in the taluks had been identified and they will be monitored with individual screening for symptoms. The health workers will keep track of them since early detection of symptoms of fungal infection is key for treatment and avoiding complications. Such persons are also being identified in Mysuru city through door-to-door survey and they too will be tracked by the health teams.

Ms. Sindhuri urged medical practitioners not to go for excessive prescription of drugs, especially steroids, for COVID-19 treatment. Mucormycosis is normally seen in patients who are immunocompromised.

“By July 1, which is national doctors’ day, we want Mysuru to become free from COVID-19. It is not easy but we are committed. The date is selected as a mark of respect and deep gratitude to the medical fraternity. We are all together in this fight for humanity. The virus has touched all of us in some form or other. Let us all join hands and work collectively, participating with full responsibility through self-regulation through this lockdown (tougher lockdown from May 29) and showing our respect to all the doctors by making Mysuru free of the pandemic by July 1,” she said.

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