Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

“Yeah, there are songs that really hurt my heart that aren’t in there, including ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Everything.’ But in the end…the movie’s a different medium. And that’s great about Lin; he understood that. I mean, already, we’re a long movie. So we’re just constantly trying to fit this thing in. And what I realized is this is different than the show in that it is Usnavi’s story. Like, this is not as slice of life as the show is; we are very focused in. He’s telling the story to these kids, and so we needed to build more between him and Vanessa. I needed to understand what her [Vanessa’s] dreams were, not just to go downtown. But what specifically it was about, and you have to make room for that. Making that room makes sacrifices for other things that are very painful that, you know, may not be the most important for this part of this story. And, you know, getting rid of Camila and things like that, those are all very, very difficult. Everything had to earn its spot off of the Usnavi/Vanessa story first and foremost, to get us through that, because that’s what the framework is. So, that’s sort of how we based all our things. But you know, everyone has their own opinion about what we could and could not have done. So I’ll take the hits for that.”

11. When asked if Jon tried any piraguas made by Lin, Jon said Lin may not actually have the necessary arm strength to make a good piragua, but he did have the power to knock over the cart multiple times.

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