Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

Is it getting hot in here?

Adam Levine‘s fitness trainer Austin Pohlen took to Instagram on June 10 to break down the Maroon 5 star’s exercise routine. And while these weren’t exactly moves like Jagger, they were still pretty impressive. Levine did split squat bottoms up presses, split stance rotational slams with a medicine ball, supine explosive chest throws with a medicine ball, cable lifts, dead bug exercises and used the rope trainer. Seriously, we’re tired just listing all that out.

“I’m damn proud of @adamlevine and the work he’s put in,” Pohlen wrote alongside a video of a shirtless Levine completing the regimen. “We’ve been dialing in a lot of core work and consistently going heavier in weights each week.”

During a March interview with Us Weekly, Pohlen revealed he started working full-time for the singer in August, noting they focus on strength training about four to five times a week as well as nutrition. He also told the magazine Levine walks on the treadmill and does yoga and Pilates.

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