Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

Agri outlay pegged at ₹10,600 crore out of the combined plan of ₹17,110 crore

The primary sector annual credit plan released by the Anantapur district administration on Thursday has projected agriculture credit outlay at ₹10,600 crore out of the combined plan of ₹17,110 crore.

District Collector Gandham Chandrudu, NABARD District Manager Usha Madhusudhan, and Lead Bank District Manager Mohan Murali formally launched the credit plan on Thursday.

The credit plan provides for ₹20 crore each only for educational loans, and Export Credit, while the MSME sector is proposed to be supported to an extent of ₹3,250 crore.

Out of the total Primary Sector Lending of ₹15.010 crore, other allocations include ₹130 crore for the renewable energy sector, ₹67 crore for social infrastructure, and ₹923 crore for housing. In the non-primary sector lending, the banks will lend to an extent of ₹2,100 crore.

Under the ₹10,600 crore agriculture sector lending, the lion’s share of ₹8,747 crore goes for short-term loans, ₹1,440 crore for long-term agriculture loans, ₹188 crore for agricultural infrastructure, and ₹217 crore for ancillary activities.

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