Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

Among those who died in the building collapse was 13-year-old Piyush Kumar Erana, who had gone to visit his maternal grandmother Dhanalaxmi with his mother Mari, both of whom were injured in the incident.

Piyush, nicknamed John, used to live with his parents in the same neighbourhood. Piyush’s grandmother Dhanalaxmi and her son Murugan used to stay on rent on the first floor of the ill-fated three-storeyed structure.

Murugan recently went to Pune for some work. Dhanalaxmi (50) would have been alone at home, so her daughter Mari (30) went to stay with her along with Piyush.

When the structure collapsed, Mari was the first to be rescued, followed by Dhanalaxmi, but Piyush was nowhere to be found.

Mari’s brother-in-law Shankar said, “My brother Kumar was at my home nearby when I got the call. We both rushed to the spot. Kumar’s wife Mari suffered injuries on her face, leg and spine. She was bleeding from her face. She is being treated at Shatabdi hospital. We have not informed her about her son’s death. We will tell her after she recovers.”

“Her mother suffered serious head injuries and is in the ICU. She is in a serious condition. Piyush’s body was found early morning under the rubble. The body was found after a JCB machine removed the rubble,” added Shankar.

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