Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

When it comes to Prince HarryNoel Gallagher is absolutely not mincing his words.

The British former Oasis co-frontman did not disguise his feelings about the Duke of Sussex, telling The Sun in a candid new interview, “Prince William. I feel that f–king lad’s pain.”

“He’s got a f–king younger brother shooting his f–king mouth off with s–t that is just so unnecessary,” Noel continued. “I’d like to think I was always the William.”

Noel, who has had a famously rocky relationship with his younger brother, former bandmate Liam Gallagher, acknowledged he does not know the royal siblings, but made his opinion of the younger prince clear all the same. 

“Prince Harry is coming across like a typical f–king woke snowflake,” he insulted, “f–king a–hole.”

Seemingly in reference to Harry’s recent headline-making interviews, notably his bombshell sit-down with Oprah Winfrey, Noel had a piece of unsolicited advice for the new royal father of two: “Just don’t be f–king dissing your family,” Noel said, “because there’s no need for it.”

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