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Director Raj speaks about the last scene tease leading up to season three and including COVID 19 in the storyline. Read further to know more.

The Family Man makers on addressing COVID 19 in season three The Family Man 2 makers on teasing COVID 19 arc in season 3: We are going to address it

The Family Man 2 successfully captivated the attention of the audience around the globe especially in the Asian sub-continent as season 2 was one of the most awaited. Unlike many other series in India, the makers of Family Man took a Hollywood-like route and teased what is to come in season 3 in the last scene of season two, leaving the audience enthralled and waiting. In a recent chat with Indian Express, one of the creators of the show Raj Nidimoru addressed the loose ends of season two and what can the audience expect in the next season. 

Raj mentioned that the idea of season three was always there with the makers but they are yet to finish drafting it. He said, “The story was always there. Not that particular scene (the last sequence) but the idea of where the show is heading was always there even as we wrote season two. As we were discussing season two, we were discussing other ideas that are going to come later. So we knew where it was heading, what world it was going to focus on, and what kind of things are going into it.”

Raj mentioned that the last scene was shot later to give a little tease to the audience. Speaking about indulging with COVID 19 as a plotline in season 3, he said, “Now that there are fans of the show, it’s fun to do a teaser. I am sure we are going to address it a bit (the Covid-19 situation), for sure, but if it is going to be little or much, that we have to sit and write.”

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