Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

“We knew [Manny’s abortion] was a very polarizing storyline, but it’s very important that young people know about it,” Linda said of the 2003 episode. “We’re not saying one choice is right or wrong, but you know, here are the options.”

They later revisited the topic of abortion with Lola’s character in Season 3 of Next Class. Stephen said the scene where Lola asks her doctor if she’s “the first 16-year-old he’s ever done this to” and the doctor replies, “you’re not the first today,” still makes him tear up.

Fun fact: Linda said that “Roswell, New Mexico” creator Carina Adly MacKenzie recently confessed to her that she downloaded a bootlegged version of the episode years ago in order to watch it in the US. “She said, ‘I feel so bad because I owe you $2.98,'” Linda laughed.

10. Introducing LGBTQ characters and storylines was a process that started back in the ‘80s and evolved over time.

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