Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in turn described Mr Roy as an “old family member “and added that “old is always gold” .

Nearly a month after BJP suffered a humiliating defeat in the West Bengal Assembly polls party’s vice president Mukul Roy on Friday returned to Trinamool Congress.

The return of 67- year-old veteran West Bengal politician to the Trinamool Congress is not only a major setback to the BJP but also a welcome political development for Trinamool Congress. Mr Roy, one of the founding members of the Trinamool Congress had left the party and joined BJP in November 2017.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee arrived at the party headquarters minutes before Mr Roy arrived at the Trinamool Congress Bhawan. Mr Roy was welcomed in the party by TMC general secretary Abhishek Banerjee. Mamata Banerjee and Mukul Roy both held press conference togather after a two hour long meeting.

Mr Roy described Mamata Banerjee “as a leader of the entire country” and said that he is feeling relieved after quitting the BJP. “In the present circumstances no one can stay in BJP in Bengal,” he said.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in turn described Mr Roy as an “old family member “and added that “old is always gold” . “Our party is already a strong party. Mukul is an old family member. He was also pressurized by the agencies. I think this decision will provide him mental relief.. his health was deteriorating also,” she said. Ms Banerjee said that Mr Roy’s defection from BJP indicates that more people from BJP will join the TMC.

The Chief Minister said those who had defected from the party just before elections and had attacked the party in sharp language will not be allowed to join the party again. “ Only those who are gentle, we will consider them,” she said.

Son follows father’s footsteps

Mr Roy also a BJP MLA from Krishnanagar Uttar. His son and former MLA Subhrangshu Roy also followed his father’s footsteps and returning to his former party. Mukul Roy was one of the first to defect from TMC and join BJP almost three years seven months ago. Mr Roy is also the first BJP leader to return to the TMC. The development may open flood gates of defection from BJP to the TMC.

The speculation of Mr Roy’s return to the Trinamool Congress gained momentum after Abhishek Banerjee visited a city hospital to inquire about the health of Mr Roy’s wife last week. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called up Mr. Roy but the development could not break the ice. The veteran politician was upset for not given much importance during the 2021 Assembly polls where Nandigram MLA Suvendu Adhikari emerged important face of the BJP. Mr Roy had played a crucial role in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls when the BJP won 18 out of the 42 seats.

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