Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

Congress workers held protests across the district against the rise in prices of petrol and diesel on Friday.

Laxmi Hebbalkar, MLA, visited petrol pumps and interacted with commuters who were trying to fill their vehicles.

She told them that the Central and State governments were raising taxes on the fuels, leading to a cascading effect of high price of all commodities.

She asked the commuters whether this was what they expected asked them to expressed their dissatisfaction with the government and not suffer silently.

BJP leaders were protesting against the taxes on fuel when the price of petrol was ₹55. But, now when they are in power and have failed to raise other taxes due to the ‘failed’ economy, they are resorting to taxing the fuels, she said.

Even during the lockdown, the government has raised the prices by ₹26 on petrol and ₹24 on diesel. “The government is blind to the problems of the common man. Congress is opposed to the hike in prices,” she said.

Ms. Hebbalkar and other Congress members held placards and staged protests on the Belagavi-Hirebagewadi main road .

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