Lebanon’s crisis contributes to tension along border with Israel

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Israel and Lebanon exchanged rocket fire last week after two suspects crossed over from Lebanon into Northern Israel, leading to an hours-long manhunt. The two men turned out to be African immigrants, but tensions remain high along the border.


“We observe everything that is happening on the Lebanese side, especially if there are attempts to penetrate into Israeli territory to smuggle weapons, drugs and terrorist activity,” says Israeli Capt. Simon, who did not give his last name or allow his face to be filmed because he is part of an Israeli surveillance unit.

“This unit is the first to issue an alert so that the special forces and infantry can intervene,” he said.

Israeli forces foiled several infiltration attempts in recent weeks. The crisis in Lebanon only makes things more unpredictable.

“We assume there is a link between Hezbollah and the smuggling that has been going on recently,” Capt. Simon said. “We can also see, with the situation in Lebanon, an increase in the smuggling of arms and drugs.”

Israel is also tracking tunnels dug by the Shiite Islamist group with an aim to infiltrate Israel.

“There’s no doubt that the next war will be very hard. This is something we take very seriously,” said another Israeli army officer, Major David.

Israel estimates that in case of war, Hezbollah will have the capacity to fire 3,000 rockets a day into Israel.

Click on the video player above to watch the full report by FRANCE 24’s Irris Makler.

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