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Karnataka: Widow, disabled pension goes up
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BENGALURU: Pension for widows and financial assistance for disabled will be increased from Rs 600 to Rs 800 monthly at an additional cost of Rs 504 crore. This will benefit 17 lakh widows and 4 lakh disabled people. “Old age pension under Sandhya Suraksha scheme will be increased from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200 at an additional cost of Rs 864 crore, helping 36 lakh people,” Bommai said.
These measures have been taken, considering inflation. “Our government will reach out to sections of society which need social security,” the new CM said. He also added in the same breath that maintaining fiscal discipline through efficient utilisation of resources and reducing expenditure, given the Covid-induced financial crunch, will be a priority.
“I have stressed inter-departmental coordination, teamwork and time-bound implementation of schemes to avoid corruption and to cut down on unnecessary expenditure by 5%,” he said.
Bommai’s next big challenge will be to expand his cabinet. “I am going to Delhi on Friday to meet the BJP brass, including PM Narendra Modi, and will discuss all issues, and seek their suggestion,” he said. Asked if he would wait for the month of ‘Ashada’ to pass before undertaking the expansion, he said: “I won’t take too much time because I need a complete team to do the work, amid Covid and floods.”

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