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AIIMS launches ‘dental hygiene app’ for children

The Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry at AIIMS has launched a dental health education app for children to help them develop good oral health practices.

The “Healthy Smile” app is a bilingual app—developed through the AIIMS intermural research grant—has features such as a musical 2-minute brushing timer with “motivational songs”, brushing demonstration videos, preventive dental care tips, oral care tips for pregnancies, and FAQs.

In a statement, AIIMS authorities said that this was felt to be required because dental caries was found to be prevalent in the pediatric population in the country to the extent of 40-50 percent.

“Poor brushing habits, faulty dietary habits and lack of the knowledge about the timely professional care worsen the situation from mild to severe one… The development of a dental health education app for children can prove to be extremely beneficial in inculcating good oral hygiene habits right from the early childhood and can reduce the burden of dental diseases in the later years,” they have stated.

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