Top 10 Discord Servers NFT Enthusiasts Need to Join

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A non-fungible token, popularly known as NFT, is a unique and non-interchangeable data unit stored on digital ledgers. It usually represents some easily-reproducible articles as unique items and utilizes blockchain technology to establish a verified and public proof of ownership. In simple terms, NFT is a unique digital asset that represents real-world items like artworks, pictures, videos, songs, etc., and though it uses the same technology as is used by cryptocurrencies it is not actually a currency. One can use NFTs to get various rewards and incentives but unlike cryptocurrencies, these can’t be exchanged like-for-like.
There are many popular discord servers out there discussing NFTs. Anyone who wishes to learn more about it can follow these discord servers. So, if you are one of them then this article will be helpful for you as here us the list of the top 10 Discord servers focused on NFT’s:
Web3 Tribe is one of the highest quality Discord communities for those interested in the future of the web (Web 3.0) and this includes discussion on NFT’s, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other decentralized apps on the forefront. Currently, Web3 Tribe is currently a closed group of early-bird members but is now accepting waitlist entries to open publicly on a application basis (this is to ensure the quality of the community is extremely high). Click here to Apply and join the waitlist!
Having a participant base of 1.28 Lakh members, NFTs World 1 #1 NFT Community is one of the largest NFT based discord servers that contain information about a variety of topics relating to NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Anyone who is a part of this awesome community can participate in the multiple NFT related discussions and also get to know about the new NFT projects that are being launched in the market. It is one of the best discord servers out there at present that can help all the NFT enthusiasts with everything about NFTs.

Hangout Cafe is also one of the biggest discord servers based on NFT that has about 1.05 lakh members at present. The best part about this discord is this one can find almost every kind of member who would discuss anything and everything whether be it about music or anime or crypto or NFT or just simple gaming. Interestingly, learning about such complicated pieces of stuff like NFTs also gets much easier as the learning process involves so much fun. Therefore, anyone intending to know more about NFTs can surely refer to this discord.

This one is the official discord server of the largest NFT subreddit group and has about 63,712 members at present who discuss different kinds of stuff ranging from NFTs to cryptos. This NFT community is very helpful in general and is actually a great place to ask for advice from a bunch of like-minded people or for just simply sharing ideas on NFTs. Moreover, it is also a beginner-friendly place because its entire system is very systematic and people over here are present to support and solve queries 24/7.

Aspen Labs is a decentralized app-building company that is focused on providing its users with the maximum utility through NFTs, De-Fi, and other Social Lending platforms. Its discord community at present consists of 24,116 like-minded individuals who discuss different kinds of stuff that include NFTs, Crypto, Ethereum, Blockchain, De-fi, etc. and therefore it is an amazing place for all the learning enthusiasts out there who want to learn more about NFTs.

Hollow is another big NFT discord community that has around 24,000 members at present. This amazing community was created by a group of similar-minded NFT collectors, artists, and professionals who were intending to raise awareness about mental health topics and while raising such awareness bought out something unique and special to this community consequently. The Hollow community is a collection that consists of 10,000 randomly generated unique characters living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

Just like most other discords in the list, Foxxies is also another big community relating to NFTs and cryptocurrencies that currently has about 19,500 members in total and is also one of the most active NFT discord communities out there. It is a collection of 4500 NFTs where each Foxxie holder gets access to Elite Club and owns an equal share of the DAO Curated Art Platform. Anyone intending to know more about this can join this interesting platform.

The museum is a generative NFT project that shines a light on the historic, artistic, and cultural significance of NFT art and at present contains more than 13,850 like-minded NFT enthusiasts discussing NFTs.  The most notable aspect about these NFTs is that each of these unique pieces continuously morphs into an identity that matches the calendar day of celebration i.e they change themselves according to the landmark days celebrated in the crypto world just like us humans who usually wear their Sunday best for Christmas Eve.

Galaxy Gang is a worldwide brand for like-minded members across the globe who discuss a range of topics such as NFTs, DEFI, crypto, Ethereum, investing, etc. It is an active community consisting of fun and knowledgeable individuals and also performs weekly nitro giveaways. Other than that, the community holds several daily events as well and has loads of emotes and tons of stickers to make the entire learning process much more fun and interesting.

Art Stars Club NFT is a crazy NFT art Project and is a discord community consisting of around 9,000 members. The Art Stars Club is actually a collection of digital artworks stored on the blockchain and the community mostly emphasizes the phrase “steal like an artist, paint like a thief” thereby giving its members a lifetime opportunity to create their own arts. The community is extremely active and in the past 30 days, the sale of as many as 54 numbers of Art Stars Club Official NFTs was recorded.

All the above-mentioned discord communities are very active where multiple NFT collectors and traders discuss and share the profitable NFT projects and incoming NFT opportunities in the market. If anyone wants to learn more about NFTs directly from the NFT collectors themselves they can surely become a member of any of these groups.


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