TRS MLAs facing heat after tall claims in Huzurabad

Sunday, Nov 07, 2021 | Last Update : 12:46 PM IST
Peddapalli: TRS leaders of Peddapalli, including MLAs, are now facing heat from the people after the ruling party’s debacle in the recent Huzurabad byelection. Many of these leaders had been deployed in Huzurabad to ensure victory of the ruling party candidate.
After Achhampet MLA Guvvala Balaraju ran into trouble on social media on Friday, Peddapalli MLA Dasari Manohar Reddy who was also one of the in-charges of the bypoll campaign, found his convoy blocked by villagers and leaders of the BJP and the Congress at Kodurupaka in Sultanabad mandal on Saturday. They demanded that he too resign as legislator for development of several villages in Peddapalli constituency.
The protesters said many of the villages had not been developed and some did not have any roads to them. Further, officials are not releasing water from SRSP canal to their villages, which are at the tail-end. Even after appealing and protesting on a number of occasions, nothing has been done, those agitating stated.
Meanwhile, police intervened, arrested leaders of opposition parties, and cleared the road for MLA’s convoy.
As already reported, Achampet MLA Balaraju had asserted during the Huzurabad byelection that the TRS will win or he will resign as legislator.
But the massive victory registered by BJP candidate Etala Rajendar has come as a moral setback and netizens began demanding that Balaraju keep his promise.
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