Indonesian migrant worker’s ‘7 conditions’ for job search sparks debate

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The labor shortage in Taiwan has seen families desperate to hire new domestic caregivers, and the recent re-opening of borders for migrant workers are able to relieve some of the problems.
However, a recent post on Facebook where an Indonesian migrant worker listed her 7 conditions in a job search for a new family to take care has sparked debate with Taiwanese taking both sides of the situation.
According to the post, the migrant worker requested that the family can only have three people; in addition, if there is an elderly man, then an elderly woman is not acceptable and vice versa.
Her second requirement was a pay raise of NT$3,000 to NT$4,000. Third, she requested to have two days off every month and wanted both days on the weekends, in addition to only being able to dock her pay NT$567 for the absence.
As her fourth condition, she listed that the house she works in needs to be bigger than 80 pings (around 264 square meters), and needs to have an elevator.
She also asked that the family not have any dogs and that no family members are paralyzed, need help removing phlegm, have nasogastric tube feeding, and don’t have a tracheostomy.
Lastly, she included that she is willing to sleep in the same room as her employers, but will only allow assistance in two trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night and no more.
However, she did point out that she is comfortable in helping patients change diapers, bathe, cook, feed, and take care of other household chores.
The post added that the Indonesian domestic caregiver seeking work had been employed by the same family for the four previous years, and added that she’s compliant and clever, and is fluent in Chinese.
Meanwhile, because the caregiver’s husband is currently in Taichung, she is only looking for job opportunities in the same city as him.
After the post was published, many social media users immediately took sides with some saying her claims and conditions are valid, while others point out that only “two trips to the bathroom” for the elderly seems too cruel.
As Taiwan’s labor shortage problems prevail, migrant workers have more grounds to choose employers they deem fit as demand for assistance rises.


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