Feature: Zambian social enterprise encouraging young people to plant trees

LUSAKA, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) — Plant A million, a Zambian-based social enterprise that runs nurseries for a variety of trees has been encouraging communities to plant trees as one way to counter climate change and its effects on the environment.
The company, which was officially launched in 2018, has been carrying out tree planting programs that involve the participation of young people from different communities of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.
"Young people need to be empowered with knowledge and skills to protect the environment so that it can serve them and future generations better," said Emanuel Chibesakunda, Plant A Million chief executive officer.
Chibesakunda said that Plant A Million conducts education and advocacy programs in schools and communities around Lusaka about the environment and the need to plant trees.
He mentioned that the social enterprise donates trees to communities to enable them to undertake tree planting programs as a way of protecting the environment and supplementing dietary needs.
Raphael Bwembya, a representative of Koinonia community, which recently undertook a tree planting exercise after receiving a variety of fruit trees from Plant A Million, said communities in general and young people, in particular, are now more aware of the benefits of planting trees.
Bwembya further mentioned that through its engagements with Koinonia community, which is situated in the western part of Lusaka, Plant A Million has encouraged over 50 young people to participate in tree planting ventures.
Moffat Banda, one of the youths that have been involved in tree planting programs supported by Plant A Million told Xinhua in an interview that the idea is helping a number of youths to appreciate the need to safeguard the environment.
"Young people in my area now understand that planting trees prevents soil erosion and also helps to improve air quality as well as provide shelter for animals. It also ensures food security," said the 19-year-old Banda.
He further mentioned that more young people in his community are happy to participate in tree planting and other programs aimed at safeguarding the environment. Enditem
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