Spurscast: Dejounte Murray’s Strong Start to the Season

In Spurscast episode 638, Spurscast host Paul Garcia and Project Spurs founder Michael De Leon discuss the latest with the San Antonio Spurs: 
The San Antonio Spurs’ losing streak extended to three after two losses in a row in Los Angeles Sunday against the Lakers, and Tuesday against the Clippers.
The Spurs are now 4-10 through 14 games and while they are struggling, they’re still just two games behind the Sacramento Kings in the standings for the 10th seed. Getting the 10th seed would put the Spurs in the play-in game.
Jakob Poeltl and Jock Landale‘s injury statuses are also discussed in the episode.
Dejounte Murray is leading the Spurs in scoring, collecting assists, deflections, steals, and defensive rebounds.
While different players on the team have had a number of games where they’ve struggled, Murray has been the most consistent player for San Antonio and he’s even become their go-to player in crunch time.
Murray’s 14 games to start the season are discussed in the episode, as well as a model that shows he’s playing like an All-Star to begin the season.
If the team success doesn’t improve, making the All-Star team will be tough for Murray even if he has similar numbers by the time All-Star voting takes place.
Last season the Spurs were outscored by 507 points from the 3-point line. Despite winning the 2-point battle and free throw line last season, the Spurs ended up being a -125 overall for the season.
With the team being 29th in 3-point attempts this season, a similar trend is starting to develop. The Spurs are winning the 2-point battle right now by 96 points. But, they’re losing the 3-point line by 84 points and the free-throw line by 25 points.
Unlike last season with DeMar DeRozan, they’re like to lose the free-throw line battle this season.
80% of their losses this season have been when they lose the 3-point line in the game. That is a concerning sign considering only 14 games have taken place and the team is already seeing another big gap in 3-point scoring.
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