NAWA Racer E-Motorcycle Prototype Revealed

NAWA Technologies has revealed the first fully rideable prototype of its NAWA Racer electric motorcycle at the ongoing EICMA 2021 show in Milan, Italy. First unveiled as a concept at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, NAWA has joined forces with expert technical partners to rapidly accelerate development of the revolutionary new machine. The bike uses NAWA’s nano-based ultracapacitors, called NAWACap, and combines them with conventional lithium-ion cells to create a ‘hybrid’ battery system. Optimising both energy sources, the system improves efficiency, reduces charging time and extends the entire system life.
The bike uses NAWA’s nano-based ultracapacitors, called NAWACap, and combines them with conventional lithium-ion cells to create a ‘hybrid’ battery system.
The system is applicable to any electric vehicle, and is modular and scalable, and can reduce the size of the lithium-ion battery by up to half, or extend the range by up to double, or a combination in between. For the initial design of the concept, NAWA was supported by expert design and engineering services provider Envisage Group, based in Coventry, UK, to develop a dynamic prototype. The project has had the support of InnoEnergy, the innovation arm of the European Innovation Institute, assembling an expert consortium of French partners comprised of NAWA, AKKA Technologies, Pronergy, FAAR and YSY Group.

Pascal Boulanger, Founder of NAWA, and CTO said: “NAWA Racer is our vision for the electricmotorbike of tomorrow – a retro cafe racer-inspired machine, but one that is thoroughly modern. It is lightweight, fast and fun, perfect for an emission-free city commute that will put a smile on your face. But it also lays down a blueprint for the future.
“NAWA’s next-gen ultracapacitors unleash the potential of the hybrid battery system with five times more power and energy than existing ultracapacitors. What is more, this design of powertrain is fully scale-able: there is no reason why this cannot be applied to a larger motorbike, or car or other electric vehicle. We believe it shows off the e-powertrain of the very near future. Since NAWA Racer’s initial unveil at CES in 2020, development has continued at pace. Thanks to our technical partners, we can now reveal our first dynamic prototype.”
Located in NAWA Racer’s top tank area is an arrangement of NAWACap ultracapacitors, which offer 0.1 kWh and boost a lithium-ion battery mounted low in the chassis, where the internal combustion engine would otherwise be. Re-using more than 80 percent of the energy captured from regenerative braking, NAWA Racer uses a much smaller lithium-ion battery than would otherwise be possible: just 9 kWh, around half the size of a conventional electric sports bike’s battery.
The NAWA Racer can cover 150 km on a mixed cycle, but by capturing energy from start-stop riding, the NAWA Racer can double its urban range to 300 km. The NAWACap pack recharges in just two minutes and the entire battery can be charged to 80 percent in one hour from a home supply. As standard, the in-wheel motor produces just under 100 bhp, rocketing the NAWA Racer from rest to 100 kmph in less than three seconds, onto a top speed of 150 kmph.
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