Rafale to S-400 air defence systems all set to add more firepower to Indian Air Force

New Delhi, Nov 25: Six remaining Rafale will arrive in India between December and January. The jets with specific enhancements like frequency jammers and long range air-to air missiles will arrive in India in the next two months.
The first three with India specific enhancements will arrive in December while the last three multi role fighters will be flown into the Ambala airbase in January 2022. This would mean that the Indian Air Force would have more metal with the induction of 36 Rafale in its armoury.
This would be coupled with the induction of two S-400 air defence systems in India. India’s air defence got a major boost with Russia starting the delivery of the much awaited S-400 missile system for deployment. India has purchased the system for over 5 billion USD.
The induction of two regiments of the S-400 air defence systems on the north and east border of India starting 2022 will balance the disadvantage faced by the Indian military following the PLA’s transgression in May 2020 along the Line of Actual Control. This would in fact match the PLA’s same Russian system that has been deployed across the Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh LAC.
There are two military teams from India which have been trained in Russia which is ready to operate the S-400 system, which has a reach of 400 kilometres into enemy territory.



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