Wonder Women Leading Indians’ Battle

From Shaheen Bagh to Singhu, they have reclaimed their space to lead the battle.
06 December 2021
Baljeet Kaur loves Punjabi singers Kan­wal Gerewal and Babbu Mann and their soulful music. Gerewal’s new song “Nahi Mukya Ghol Kisani” has worked as a the­­rapy for the 28-year-old farmer leader from Punjab, who has been protesting, along with lakhs of farmers against the three farm laws passed by the Central government in September last year.
On November 19, when Prime Minister Nare­n­d­ra Modi made the announcement of repealing the three contentious farm laws, Baljeet Kaur was preparing for a weekly meeting with her colleag­u­es to chalk out plans for their march to Parliam­ent on the first-year anniversary of the farm pro­tests.
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‘Despite the repeated warnings of health leaders, our failure to put vaccines into the arms of people in the developing world is now coming back to haunt us’, wrote former British PM Gordon Brown.
Though the health experts and scientists in India have advised caution yet they feel that the current immune profile of the majority of the population in India makes them less vulnerable to Omicron as compared to any other country in the world.
The first India vs New Zealand Test is delicately poised with both teams having an opportunity to force a decision. Follow here live cricket scores and updates of IND vs NZ on Day 4.
After the detrimental Delta variant which took the world by storm in the second wave of Covid-19, WHO recently declared ‘Omicron’ as the latest ‘variant of concern’ (VOC).
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