Let's Take a Look at the Fed Wishy-Washy Taper Drivel of the Day

Wishy-Washy Taper Drivel 
Inquiring minds are mocking the Minutes of the FOMC Meeting of November 2–3, 2021
What a useless, wishy-washy hoot.
Mish for President of the Dallas Fed
In case you missed it, there is an opening for President of the Dallas Fed.
I sent in my resume with a pledge to fire nearly the entire staff except for those working on plans to end the Fed entirely.
Mish for President of the Dallas Fed
Please go to the Dallas Fed FAQ, look for the Orange Box "Apply or Submit a Candidate" and give them my name.
You can also Email them directly at dallasfedsearch@egonzehnder.com. The subject line should read Dallas Fed Presidential Search.
Thank you for your support. I look forward to serving you as president of the Dallas Fed.
My position will indeed be transitory. I pledge to fire myself within two years while accepting no pay in the interim.
By the way, about a dozen people emailed the committee nominating me and received responses thanking them. 
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