Craig Sager’s daughter Kacy roasts Monty McCutchen TV outfit

Monty McCutchen went for a look resembling Craig Sager, but the daughter of the late broadcaster disapproves.

On Tuesday, McCutchen — who is the NBA’s head of referee development and training — was seen wearing a beige suit, plaid vest, and bowtie on-air. As screenshots of the look made the rounds online, Sager’s daughter Kacy couldn’t help but weigh in.

“This is an absolutely bonkers look and I am literally Craig Sager’s daughter,” she tweeted.

Craig Sager's daughter, Kacy, roasted NBA officiating SVP Monty McCutchen's outfit on Tuesday night.
Craig Sager’s daughter, Kacy, roasted NBA officiating SVP Monty McCutchen’s outfit on Tuesday night.
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Sager was a beloved NBA sideline reporter for Turner Sports and was known for his ostentatious fashion choices. He died of cancer in 2016 at the age of 65. His presence remains missed on TNT NBA telecasts.

As for Kacy, she closed out her roast of McCutchen with some self-deprecating humor.

“Seriously though, I went the entire day without putting on pants, so I probably shouldn’t be judging anyone’s attire,” Sager tweeted.

Kacy wasn’t the only Twitter user who poked fun at McCutchen’s wardrobe. In fact, a number of folks made the comparison that he looked like Lyle Lanley, the swindler from “The Simpsons,” who sold the town of Springfield a defective monorail system.

Given the reaction, the masses may want to be on the lookout for more outrageous outfits from McCutchen for his subsequent TV appearances.

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