Fan speaks against Shah Rukh Khan in front of Salman Khan; see what he does

Mumbai: Whatever the situation may be, superstar Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have always been by each other’s side, as their strongest allies. The two Khans have been ruling the film industry for decades now.

While they had a bad patch during Katrina Kaif’s birthday celebration, they are back to being the best of friends and admire each other’s work. Salman Khan recently visited Mannat when Aryan Khan was arrested in drugs case.

Similarly, SRK has only words of praise for Salman and his father Salim Khan.

In a recent episode, Salman Khan was seen in The Kapil Sharma Show as a special guest this week. In a new clip from the show going viral on the internet now, a fan is seen professing to Salman that he is a diehard fan of the actor. However, when he goes on to speak against Shah Rukh Khan, Salman stops him immediately.

In the viral clip, the fan introduces himself as a small-time artist. Later, it is known that he is the gorilla from Bigg Boss 15. Salman tells him that no artist or no work is small or big.

The actor then speaks a dialogue from Shah Rukh Khan’s film and asks the fan, “Woh Shah Rukh Khan Saab ka dialogue kya tha (What was that dialogue by Shah Rukh Khan sir)?”

The fan replies, “Apun sirf bhai ko jaanta hai sir. Hindustan ka ek hi bhai hai (We just know one ‘bhai’ and he is India’s only ‘bhai’ – Salman Khan).”

Kapil Sharma chirps in joking, “Voh bhai nahi bhabhi hai (Is he not your brother but sister-in-law)?”

Salman Khan calmly replies to the fans saying, “Lekin vo apna bhai hai (But he is my brother.) Tumhare bhai ka bhai kya hua? (What will your brother’s brother be called)?”

The fan then answers, “Apna bhi bhai (Even our brother).”

Salman Khan further tells him, “Yeh mind mein leke chalo (Henceforth, keep this in mind).”


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