Bharti Singh and Harsh Lambachia’s house will soon resonate, comedians are about to become mothers

Comedian Bharti Singh Is Pregnant: Famous comedians Bharti Singh and Harsh Lambachia are soon going to give good news to the fans. Often her fans keep asking Bharti that when is she telling good news? Bharti herself often pulls herself up for becoming a mother. But now the comedian is really going to give good news to the fans. Yes, Bharti and Harsh’s house are going to resonate soon. A close friend of both has confirmed the news in a conversation with Hindustan Times that Bharti is pregnant. Right now she is not going out much and everything is kept very low profile. According to the news, Bharti has just taken a break from the Kapil Sharma show for a few days, but she will return to the show soon.

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At the same time, when confirmation was taken from Bharti on this news, she neither accepted the good news nor denied this news. Bharti said, ‘Neither I will deny or confirm this. But when the right time comes, I will openly talk about it. I can’t hide it, it’s not something to hide. So whenever I want to reveal it, I will do it publicly. By the way, before this Bharti has also told that she and Harsh are planning a baby. Now if this news turns out to be true then Bharti and Harsh will become parents for the first time next year.

Let us tell you that Bharti and Harsh are well-known comedians and anchors of the TV industry. Currently, Bharti is seen in Kapil Sharma’s show The Kapil Sharma Show. Recently, this couple was also seen in Bigg Boss 15.

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