South Africa: Yet More Disappointment for District Six Claimants As ‘Safety Hazards’ Delay Long-Awaited Return

As 2022 kicks off, claimants from District Six are still in the dark about when they can return to their beloved area. The latest delay concerns the issuing of occupancy certificates, which means the claimants cannot move into their new units.

The City of Cape Town says occupancy certificates for housing units built for Phase 3 of the District Six redevelopment cannot be issued fully yet due to safety concerns.

The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development has built 108 housing units in District Six so claimants can move back to the area from which they were removed under the Group Areas Act. In November 2018 at the Land Claims Court, Judge Jody Kollapen granted the District Six Working Committee a structural interdict, forcing the department (then the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform) to provide a plan and programme – with timelines and specific outlines – for costs and layouts for the redevelopment of District Six. In addition, the department needed to submit a progress plan to the court every three months.

In its latest submission to the court at the end of December, the department said occupancy certificates were due to be issued by the…

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