Tunisia: Covid-19 – Nearly 1 Million 3rd Shots Given So Far

Tunis/Tunisia — Tunisia administered 10,151 COVID-19 vaccines on January 12, including 6,004 first doses, 2,518 boosters, 1,596 third doses and 33 travel shots, said the Health Ministry.

Ministry’s figures further revealed that 12,463,191 jabs have been given so far. This include 7,018,208 first shots, 4,475,736 boosters, 940,285 third doses and 28,962 travel shots.

6,078,905 people are fully vaccinated till this date, 4,475,736 of whom have received two shots and 1,603,169 got only one shot as the vaccine requires only one dose or they have already been infected, the ministry specified.

The overall number of people who registered on Evax.tn platform to book vaccination appointments hit 7,776,059.

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