Pongal 2022 Date and Timing, History and Significance. Send Pongal 2022 Wishes, Images, Messages, Greeting in Tamil language and wish your friends and family.

Pongal 2022: History

The festival of ‘Pongal’ is mentioned in the Sanskrit Puranas of the Dravidian era. Pongal is said to be celebrated as a combination of the ancient festival of Indra Vizha, wherein people prayed to Lord Indra during the Sangam age. This was because farmers in general were reliant on the rain that Lord Indra showered on mankind. Hence, they celebrated these three days to give thanks to the Lord for a good harvest year as well his blessings.

Over time now, Pongal has appeared as a thanksgiving carnival or a harvest festival to not only thank Lord Indra, but also the Sun God and Nature for their abundant blessings.

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