Tunisia: Covid-19 – Further 325 Test Positive Over Last 24 Hours

Medenine/Tunisia — A further 325 COVID-19 confirmed cases were logged in Médenine over the last 24 hours after 1,229 samples were taken, local health directorate data show. The positivity rate rose to 26.4% and the case tally topped 37, 480.

Zarzis logged the highest number of cases (170), followed by Houmt Souk (53), Midoun (29), Ben Guerdane (23), South Médenine (17), North Médenine (17), Sidi Makhlouf (11), Béni Khdech (5) and Ajim (2).

One class was closed Thursday at a middle school in Zarzis, in addition to two others Tuesday in Zarzis and one in Houmt Souk amid a spike in the number infections in education facilities put now at 387.

The number of class closures in the governorate rose to 9, according to figures provided by the local education directorate.

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