My experience & tips for trading – My Trading – 14 January 2022

Hello traders !

Before I start, I want to make it clear that this is just my own opinion, and my experience.

I will tell you about myself,

My name is Diane, I come from France.

In my chilhood, I was never good at school, studying, finding a job and sticking to it all my life, no thanks not for me.
Then I discovered trading, when I was still in high school, I was 17.

At the beginning, I did my research as best I could, that is to say, with the help of books, YouTube videos and blogs.
It was quite complicated, but I felt that this was my path, so I kept going and never gave up.

So I started like most people to trade forex manually on mt4. I took losses and losses. And I started again, until I used up all my money. I didn’t understand what my problem was… Why there were traders who made a living from trading, and not me?

I had read a dozen books on trading and taken into account the advice of the great traders.

I was asking myself questions:

“Should I continue?”

“What if I’m wasting my time?”

“Maybe this is not for me?”

It was the only “job” that interested me. So I isolated myself to question myself and understand.
When I discovered books on personal development, at that moment I understood that knowing myself is very important, for myself and for my business.

Law of attraction, positive attracts positive, take new habits…
But still nothing, I still lost my money, and it started again each time.

That’s when I discovered psychology, NLP in particular.

What is NLP ? 

“Born from behavioral observation, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) designates a whole set of techniques (dissociation, reframing…) and methods aiming to promote the personal development of the individual.”

More simply, it is the way we are in the mind, our physical attitude:

    • Happy, rich, winning = good posture, good mind.
    • Unhappy, poor, losing = bad posture, bad mind.

Why do I think this is important? 

When you put yourself in the shoes of a rich, happy person, and copy their attitudes, you have a higher percentage of chance to succeed (I would like to point out that you can feel rich and happy while remaining yourself, it’s only a question of mindset).

If you keep telling yourself that you are poor and that you will never make it (my old mistake) then yes, your brain will register it, and you will have little chance of success.

I applied all his advice, and above all I changed my way of trading, I no longer trade manually, but with the help of trading robots (EA).

I bought many, many robots that promised high profits, and finally I was always disappointed… Yes, at the beginning it makes you profits, the money comes in, so you feel good. Then little by little, you start to have losses, and lose your money. No more, I told to myself that I would not make the same mistakes.
So I thought of a solution, so I decided to create my own robots, an important challenge.

That is I was going to know how my robot was composed, and especially understand how it works. Because when I bought EAs I didn’t know anything at all, only the descriptions, but without really any details.

You will tell me that creating robots from one day to the next is a real challenge.

I accepted the challenge and started the program with a lot of training.

I launched my first EAs, the results were not very convincing, but always remember that “No Pain, No Gain”.

Today I have been creating EAs for 3 years, and I have gained incredible knowledge through my work. I am very proud of myself, which was not the case when I started. It’s important to appreciate your work, it gives you a boost and makes you move forward.

I signed up here on MQL5 to share my EAs with you. I’m not saying they are better than others, but I can tell you that they are honest work and that I systematically test them over a period of one month. I will never sell you scams.

Many people will tell you the same thing, that’s why I decided to put online a totally free EA that you can find here :

It’s an EA that trades gold, it won’t take a lot of trades, but it’s very interesting on the long term.

( because all my EAs are built to last on the long term. I have learned over time that trading is about PATIENCE.
 Also, I try to minimize the drawdown ).

 You can test it as a demo to start with, if you want.
 I’m very proud of this EA, so of course it took me a lot of hours of work,
 but in the interest to better understand my way of trading, I think it’s better to offer it to you.

I hope you enjoyed my little bit of experience and advice.

Thank you for your time.
If you have any questions, you can send me a message, I am active, please do not hesitate. 

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