Trailer Watch: Kat Dennings Is Figuring Out Her Future in “Dollface” Season 2

The new season of the Hulu comedy “Dollface” sees its characters flailing. “My life is going nowhere,” protagonist Jules (Kat Dennings) laments in the trailer for Season 2. “We’re nowhere near the places we thought we’d be in our lives,” her friend Madison (Brenda Song) says. “We spent the last part of our official youth stuck inside — just here, watering house plants,” she adds, seemingly in reference to Covid lockdowns.

The spot hints that Jules, Madison, and friends Stella (Shay Mitchell) and Izzy (Esther Povitsky) also deal with sexual frustration, romantic worries, and professional insecurity this season.

Jules is motivated to shake things up after another encounter with the mysterious Cat Lady (Beth Grant), her quasi Fairy Godmother. Cat Lady takes Jules and Madison to a mystical airport that’s a hub of possible futures. “Good luck figuring out where you want to go, Dollface!,” she sing-songs.

Jules doesn’t pick one path, exactly, but decides to focus more on her career. “I have decided to work hard and see where it takes me,” she explains.

“Dollface” is created by Jordan Weiss, and Dennings and Margot Robbie are among its executive producers.

Season 2 premieres February 11 on Hulu.

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