Signal Helmet Guy Dances To Raise Awareness About Traffic Rules In Kalyan

The ‘Signal’ helmet guy aka Subodh Londhe’s videos of dancing at traffic signals have gone viral. The 26-year-old Youtuber from Kalyan, Maharashtra came up with a unique solution to encourage people to follow traffic rules. Wearing a helmet, he dances at the traffic signal and while the signal is red, his groovy steps are enough to keep the traffic hooked!

In 2021, a traffic light was installed in his Sunodh’s area for the first time but he noticed that people failed to follow the rules. So, he decided to take the matter in his hands and put his dance skills to good use! He started dancing at the signals and putting out his videos usually with captions encouraging people to stop at red lights and follow traffic rules.

Soon enough, Subodh’s mesmerizing dance skills and the thought behind the videos was widely appreciated. His videos became viral and have even been shared by the singer Harrdy Sandhu.

Subodh has put a lot of efforts behind posting these videos. He carefully times his dance routine to match the traffic signal’s duration and ensures that he doesn’t cause any traffic jam or attracts the crowd.

So, if you’re around Kalyan, watch out for the Helmet Guy and make sure you follow the traffic rules!

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