ACM token is rallying. You don’t want to miss out on it

ACM token is rallying. You don’t want to miss out on it 


AC Milan Fan Token, also known as ACM, is one of the most trending tokens. It is also one of 40 fan coins of various international football clubs under Socios. Thanks to ACM, fans can have a stake in the clubs’ decision-making if they are members. They can also earn VIP rewards and unlock access to exclusive promotions, chats, and games and even earn the chance to be recognized as a superfan.

Chiliz, a fintech blockchain company, built ACM as a utility token on the Chiliz Chain. The latter is a Proof-of-Authority sidechain built on Ethereum. AC Milan Fan Token enables AC Milan fans to have a say in how the team operates. Token holders can vote on polls that the teams have to take into consideration. Examples of changes that fans can make include naming training venues, picking jersey designs, and picking the next fan event.

Furthermore, ACM gives AC Milan fan’s chance to show their loyalty and support for the team. Investors can get VIP experiences, earn reward points, and purchase club merch. The user with the largest amount of tokens has the highest level of influence in the tokenbase.

French internet entrepreneur Alexandre Dreyfus founded the Socios platform in 2018. ACM belongs to the latter. He is the founder and CEO of chiliz (CHZ), a global sports and digital entertainment currency and tokenized exchange that powers the Socios platform.

Dreyfus has stated that Socios’ goal is to support clubs to achieve a better connection between the fans and themselves. He also added that the business aims to support clubs to generate additional revenue. It recognizes the shift in the fan industry from passive to active. For instance, companies can now monetize fanbases, and fans can earn recognition.


What makes the ACM token stand out among other ones?

AC Milan Fan Token connects celebrity football players and ordinary fans. Moreover, it takes fan support to the next level and gives team fans the chance to get up close and personal with their favorite teams and players. The company offers rewards such as VIP invites, meet and greets, and signed merch to ACM token holders.

Besides, ACM breaks ground by connecting two very different arenas: cryptocurrency and sports. These two seem worlds apart, but users could benefit from their connection through the token-based app. Thanks to ACM, fans can play a part in their players’ lives. Sporting organizations can also connect with their fans like never before.

Such an approach is already changing things. For example, the token holders participated in picking the official fan motto for the AC Milan team’s dressing room. Fans can use ACM for three main purposes: rewards (based on engagement), governance (having a stake in the football club’s decisions), and staking (in the future, tokens can be staked to earn non-fungible tokens).


What about the network’s security? 

Security is very important, especially when you are considering where to invest your money. However, the blockchain system is one of the most secure worldwide, and the ACM network is secured through this technology.

ACM is a utility crypto-token built on Ethereum. On the other hand, a smart contract is a program that runs on the Ethereum blockchain supported by the platform. Smart contracts allow the transactions, conclusion of trust relationships, and agreements between anonymous parties. Overall, this network is very secure and safe.

Holding an ACM token has many benefits. The total supply of them is 20,000,000. However, only 3,141,172 ACM tokens are currently in circulation. Of these, the company initially released 2,000,157 coins to fans through a fan token offering.

Fans can either purchase or earn the coins through gameplay in the Socios app. The team plans to release the ACM tokens over a set timeline of six years. It will launch 4 million coins in the first year and 3.2 million tokens per year for the next five years. Moreover, ACM is listed on several crypto exchanges. Thus, investors can obtain the tokens by first purchasing Chiliz (CHZ), the in-app currency, and then exchanging them for the fan tokens.


MST, METAC, and GRAND tokens are very hot. Why's that?  

The Nerv Protocol is preparing to launch its hot token’s ICO

The Nerv Protocol is another great project in the Defi space. Its team is designing the next Gen Decentralized Gasless Ecosystem. The company is using tendermint consensus algorithm. Terra, osmosis, Juno, and secret also use the latter. In addition, it’s based on cosmos SDK, so the code is modular. The platform supports fast transactions, with 10000+ transactions per second. It also offers Carbon Neutral algorithms (Multi bonded Proof-of-Stake).

According to the team, users can enjoy gas-free transactions if game or app developers allow them. And they can pay gas in any tradable currency, such as BTC, ETH, ATOM, etc. That’s a great bonus. App building on the Nerv platform can subsidize the customers’ transactions for governance and voting. Besides, Nerv allows people without any money (students, 3rd world countries) to become a user of an app or game that benefits all parties involved in a big way.

App developers will be able to port their code from other cosmos-based chains like osmosis, terra, rune, and others, thanks to the cosmwasm virtual machine. This network is interoperable via Cosmos IBC and very user-friendly. The team uses the most advanced NFT standards, which are compatible with most blockchains.

The Nerv platform also offers a buyback and burn mechanism to use when prices drop below a certain threshold. It boasts a lower NFT marketplace commission than most other networks, as well as long-term vesting of tokens for development.


What about the NRV token? 

The company created NRV as the native utility token for its ecosystem. It plans to launch the ICO sale on April 29, 2022. It will end on May 1, 2022. The price of the NRV token will be $0.001000 during the initial coin offering, but it will increase later. The team will only trade 1% of the total token supply at this stage, though. It aims to raise $50,000 with the sale. The platform will accept USDC in exchange for its native coins.

While Nerv Protocol is relatively new on the market and is considered high risk, its well-developed roadmap, experienced team, and great features go a long way to recommend it.

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