Top 6 FinTok Finance Tiktok Influencers to Follow for Real Financial Advice

Social media has taken over infotainment all over the world. With all kinds of content easily available at our fingertips via social media, people everywhere are getting information in an entertaining format. TikTok is a social media platform that has harnessed this power very well, especially in the financial space. The app has seen a surge in finance influencers. These finance TikTok influencers share financial advice and talk about all kinds of topics like how to invest, how to manage money, personal finance, stock trading and crypto.

These influencers create their content in a way to ensure that people understand the financial advice while staying entertained at the same time. This app has over 750 million users with new users joining the app every day.

Top 6 FinTok Finance Tiktok Influencers to Follow for Real Financial Advice

Top 6 Fintok or Finance TikTok influencers

Humphrey Yang , or @humphreytalks

Humphrey Yang is an ex-Wall Street banker who has turned into one of the most popular personal finance TikTok influencers. He takes complex financial topics and turns them into financial advice that can easily be understood in under a minute. The ability to explain a difficult topic in a simple manner makes him one of the most popular financial influencers on TikTok. Anyone can go through his account and watch his videos without getting bored. His videos cover a variety of general topics, from explaining the stock market and personal finance entrepreneurship, to tax and investment advice, aimed at an American audience. One of his most popular talks about money-saving hacks has gained over fifteen million views.

Tori Dunlap @herfirst100k

Tori Dunlap is a great fintok account to follow since she embodies financial feminism. Her videos are bold and aim to help women get rich while also seeking to equalize the financial opportunities for both men and women. She creates videos that include expert financial strategies that can continue for more than one video. She is very honest and explains to her viewers that it may not be possible to explain financial topics in a single TikTok video. She also has a series of connected videos that help viewers to negotiate salaries, as well as videos on how she broke through investing myths which have allowed her to make a lot of money.

Sara Rosalia @sarafinance

Sara Rosalia is a finance TikTok influencer who creates content with advice on how to invest money and grow a business. She openly talks about how much money she makes and aims to help Gen Z women build wealth through investing and entrepreneurship. As a young woman in her 20s, Rosalia creates videos to help other young adults and teenagers learn how to invest and build a business in a profitable manner. Her videos talk about chasing your dreams and about updates regarding her investment portfolio in an attempt to be transparent and allow other young investors to mirror her strategies.

Seth Godwin @seth.godwin

Seth Godwin’s videos on TikTok are mostly tips to help you save money. This also includes content that explains using credit, buying cars, maintaining investment accounts and educating followers and viewers about personal finance. His account focuses on helping people get the building blocks they require to make smart money decisions and save. This fintok influencer also posts many short videos on how to stay up to date with DeFi, how to never pay interest, or save thousands in interest by splitting your loan payments. Although he talks about serious topics, his videos are blunt and witty, ensuring you stay entertained which further attracts viewers and followers.

Rahul Rai @thelaymaninvestor

Rahul Rai, a finance TikTok influencer, believes that the best investments you can make is through your own financial literacy. In order to help people gain financial literacy, he posts TikTok videos that educate people on the basics of investment as well as having a second job. One of his most popular videos discusses why American kids may never be taught financial literacy at school which has led viewers to think more about their own financial literacy. The videos he posts are created to be funny, while realistic which makes viewers ponder their financial situation presently as well as for the future.

Nick Meyer @nicktalksmoney

Nick Meyer is a professional financial and tax advisor who aims to make financial education as fun as possible. Not only can you learn from the videos he posts, but you can also stay entertained. Some of his most popular fintok videos include videos on why you may be financially struggling and a video that explains how you can be tricked into spending money. Although he works as a finance and tax advisor, he uses TikTok as a creative outlet to help people learn all they can about finance.

These are a few of the finance Tiktok influencers that you can follow to get actual financial advice. They all post videos and content that aim to help people all over the world with their finances. They present their information in the most entertaining way while making sure that you can still learn a lot from a video that is less than a minute long. You can follow these fintok influencers to get started on your personal finance journey and learn more about finances in general.

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