Sure Dividend Review 2022: Should You Join this Dividend Newsletter?

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Sure Dividend is a website that aims to help investors create and build a portfolio with high-quality dividend growth that will help them meet their financial goals in the long run. The site’s selling point is that it helps its investors achieve financial freedom through investments that will pay rising dividend incomes. To make sure that users get this freedom, Sure Dividend provides free information in the form of various articles on topics related to dividend stocks and stocks in general. They also have a paid newsletter where they have thousands of current subscribers that get premium access to the best Dividends to buy each month.

This Sure Dividend review should help answer a lot of questions you may have before using the site.

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Sure Dividend Review 2022: Should You Join this Dividend Newsletter?

Sure Dividend Premium Newsletters

Users have the option to subscribe to a premium newsletter service with over nine thousand members that focuses on income investing. Premium newsletters are reports that have been specially curated from the Sure Analysis Database making the information provided beneficial to members. The premium service is available at different tiers based on various prices and services, with a free seven-day trial. This feature makes the website more attractive to users as they can choose and pay for the exact service they want. The different premium services include:

  • The Sure Analysis Research Database at $999 per year. This is a tier 3 service that allows users to enjoy all the services on the website in addition to getting access to over seven hundred report databases. This service also has the best value for users.
  • The Sure Dividend Newsletter at $199 per year. This tier 2 service gives you a monthly newsletter with premium flagship high-quality dividend growth stocks.
  • The Sure Retirement Newsletter is also at $199 per year. This is another tier 2 service that gives the best yielding quality securities that can help you have an income even at retirement. These newsletters are also published every month.
  • The Sure Passive Income Newsletter at $199 is a tier 2 service that gives you monthly newsletters on high-quality buy-and-hold forever stocks in order to help you have a rising passive income.
  • The Top 10 Dividend Elite Service at $79 per year is a tier 1 service that gives you access to Sure Dividend’s top 10 dividend stocks with over twenty years of rising dividends, published monthly on the website.
  • Top 10 REITs Service at $79 per year is another tier 1 service. This service gives you the ability to get access to the website’s top 10 quality REIT selections with up to 4% dividend yields, published every month.

Sure Dividend definitely meets the task of being worth every penny spent on these newsletters. The wealth of information that is provided for the cost that is paid is a no-brainer for those looking to get started or boost their dividend stock investing related income. If this is something you want to try, you can use this Sure Dividend coupon to save $41 on the Sure Dividend Newsletter by clicking here. 

Homepage Free Content

The homepage of any website comes into focus when you are reviewing it. It’s no different for this Sure Dividend review. Its homepage has a simple design with an easy-to-use layout. A short introduction is available on the homepage making it easy for new users of the site to get an understanding of what can be found while browsing through different pages on the site. A list of the free and latest articles is also laid out on the homepage giving users a better understanding of the content that can be found on the website. Furthermore, a link to all the free articles can also be found on the homepage.

In addition to information about free articles, the homepage also has a layout of various premium services that they offer along with details of the prices and a short description of the features that can be availed in the different services.

The homepage also has links to various pages that give more information about the Sure Dividend Method, the page for members of the paid services, as well as links to various articles, the contact information of the website and the frequently asked questions, the disclaimer and terms and conditions of the website and various testimonials given by readers and members of the website who have great opinions on all the kinds of services, both free and paid for, available on the website.

The Sure Dividend Investing Method

This page on the Sure Dividend website provides a detailed description of the different kinds of information that you can get from the website. This includes information about the analysis research database that covers seven hundred securities that are updated every quarterly by a team of expert researchers who ensure that the reports remain relevant and current. The details of the investment framework are detailed on this page of the website. Furthermore, the page also lists ways how you can use the information provided on the website in a way that will be beneficial to you.

Golden Rule Commitment

The Sure Dividend website also has a dedicated page that lists out the Golden Rule Commitment which is a guarantee provided to the members and users of the website that they will be treated in all the right ways. The page details the information about the policies and procedures for payments that are followed on the website. This page offers clear information about the free trial periods, the refund policies, the grace periods, and the customer service which is crucial information to any user or member of Sure Dividend.

Member’s Area

The Member’s Area page of the website allows you to log into your Sure Dividend membership account in order to avail of the services that you have paid for. This page also has a link that takes you to a page that provides all the information about the different services in order to sign up for a service that is suitable for you.

The Sure Dividend website has a smooth and functional layout that makes the website easy for anyone to use. All the crucial information that you may need in order to sign up, learn about the services, or how to access their free articles are clearly laid out with links that are clearly specified on the pages of the website.

Hope this Sure Dividend review has given you a better idea of what to expect from the site, and how you can use it to your advantage.

Sure Dividend is among the best dividend investing websites for updates on dividend stocks and other stocks. It is perfect for any kind of investor who is looking for newsletters to subscribe to in order to help them stay updated about different stocks, dividends, and the market in general.

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