OME token – an innovation that may bring hefty profits

OME token – an innovation that may bring hefty profits


O-MEE is a social subscription, and NFT Marketplace created specifically for Web 3.0. Defi users are entering a new era. Everything is new, from the metaverse to NFTs, and it’s evolving fast. Web 2.0 is already starting to seem like a distant memory where people are still giving away art for hearts and likes. The O-MEE team believes that it’s time to re-invent. It asks to unfriend the typical social feeds, unfollow ads, and unlike shady algorithms. Instead, O-MEE will give users their independence and equity back so they can experiment, compose and innovate.

This platform allows creators to upload their latest pictures and videos, as well as a live stream to their followers and blog their latest moves. Moreover, users will be able to connect their social media accounts to transfer their media content and latest posts. Thanks to Plug-in technology, people will republish and mint content onto their O-MEE profile. The platform will then display it for their followers to like, interact and share. Users will create and mint new content to add more exclusive posts for their subscribed followers. According to the team, O-MEE enables users to mint all content on the platform as an NFT and sell them on the NFT marketplace.


What about O-MEE’s features? 

O-MEE Platform offers various exciting features, including NFT Marketplace, that allows exploring, discovering, bidding, buying, selling, collecting, and mint exclusive NFTs and digital artwork; Subscription Model is also a great benefit. Users will be able to subscribe to their favorite creators and gain exclusive and unrestricted access to their profiles and NFTs. Besides, there is a 0% commission rate on all revenue generated. And don’t forget about sociability – people can interact, engage and connect with creators and the community.

Integrated API connectors allow members to republish and mint existing pictures and videos from mainstream media sharing apps. Staking and farming enable them to profit in the process. And there are no oppressive algorithms. Users will be in control of their content feed through their filter tool.

The company also created the OME token, which is already in the spotlight. The team plans to launch the initial coin offering on May 26, 2022. The sale will end on May 27, 2022. The token’s price will be $0.050000 during the ICO sale, but it will increase afterward. Only 0.375% of the total supply is available at this stage, though. The platform will accept BUSD and USDT in exchange for OME.


PUC token also brings new opportunities. What does it offer? 

The creators of the PUC token believe that the best way to bring about positive social change is by financially empowering the active nonprofit organizations and foundations, especially those that are already positioned to help with problems in their own communities.

Pledge Utility Coin token is a decentralized finance BEP20 token, and it aims to be a force for the greater good. PUC plans to do this by powering automated humanitarian charitable giving through blockchain solutions. It will solve many of the problems faced by people most in need.

The team designed the PUC token contract to transfer a proportion of transaction fees collected into the wallets of registered nonprofit organizations, as well as foundations, whenever the PUC token is exchanged.

Pledgers can select humanitarian nonprofit organizations and foundations that register with the PUC project. They are the default recipients of any and all fees gathered from their own transactions with PUC on decentralized exchanges. Suppose the community members have no preference for a particular nonprofit organization or foundation prior to performing a transaction. In that case, the platform will collect the charity fees in a designated charity wallet. Then it will distribute the funds randomly and evenly between all registered nonprofit organizations and foundations on a predetermined schedule.


How will this token make a difference?

How will this token make a difference? 

Pledge Utility Coin makes it easier to give to those most in need. The team thinks that the most successful inventions are the ones that solve important social problems. Moreover, it’s difficult for nonprofit organizations to rally the sort of support that they require to meet their objectives. In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, the situation becomes direr because people seek to avoid unnecessary interpersonal communication, trying to prevent the possibility of contracting the virus.

The PUC team decided to develop the PUC token to tackle this particular problem. It will make the process of donating to nonprofit organizations and foundations seamless through the use of blockchain technology.

Furthermore, PUC wants to develop a simple-to-use NFT creation and exchange platform. Customers will be able to use the PUC token to trade NFT tokens. The company also plans to build its own blockchain. The team is in Defi for the long haul, and its goal is to revolutionize the blockchain and nonprofit industries ultimately. It will generate additional revenue for nonprofit organizations, as well as foundations. PUC is going to develop a crowdfunding platform to generate regular income for the latter.

The company will primarily use the PUC token to facilitate transactions on the crowdfunding platform. On the other hand, this platform will provide an additional source of donations for nonprofit organizations. The team will also ensure that the most pertinent needs are identified and addressed in a transparent and expedient manner.


What about the PUC app? 

PUC will develop its own web application for donors to keep up to date with ongoing charity based projects. Thanks to it, nonprofit organizations and potential beneficiaries will bring an urgent need to the community’s attention.

Thus, the company will ensure that the people who help others have the means to do so. Currently, most nonprofit organizations have to manage big goals with small budgets. But the problems they try to solve are global even though their reach is local. However, the PUC token will try to ensure that these organizations have more of the resources they need to meet their goals.

The team will also encourage others who can make a difference. This company has a strong potential to achieve its goals. Besides, its roadmap is well-developed, and the team has a good experience.

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