Alex Molcan invents a shot never seen before

What did by Alex Molcan in Lyon is simply unbelievable, a tennis moment that drove the crowd crazy. What did by Alex Molcan in Lyon is simply incredible, a tennis moment that made the crowd go crazy: a truly sensational shot, very particular.

A sensational shot, which really surprised everyone, including his opponent. Alex Molcan made headlines after the semi-final of the ATP in Lyon, both for the victory obtained against the Australian Alex De Minaur and for an incredible point gained during the match.

The Slovakian tennis player has taken the lead in a great exchange, in which he has invented a shot never seen before to defend himself from the attacks of his rival. This confused the Sydney native a bit, who then missed the next short ball, conceding the point to the finalist of the French competition (success with the final score of 7-6, 6-2).

Here is the video released by Tennis Tv, through its social channels.

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