CMP token is trending and available. What about SOI?  


Caduceus recently introduced its native utility token CMP, which is already very trending. This company aims to evolve the open-source software paradigm by implementing blockchain and its rich library of components. Such an approach facilitates building highly performant Metaverse infrastructures, and the team will ensure that they are trustworthy, efficient, secure, and dependable. Caduceus plans to provide numerous essential infrastructures for the metaverse.

Moreover, the company will offer clients the metaverse with fund security, user 5 privacy security, NFT asset security, automatic settlement, and trusted transactions. It will even provide token ecological incentives and DAO user autonomy through its high-speed, scalable blockchain network.

The team stated that it would provide decentralized cloud computing support for the metaverse. The company will do that through a massive distributed GPU cloud rendering/IPFS storage/ SWAN custom network. Besides, this metaverse will boast a blossoming device ecology through the advanced XR Glass open-source hardware solution. That will lower the hardware threshold.

Caduceus aims to connect blockchain seamlessly through SDK. Thus, it will launch interfaces and tools for NFT art creators and application developers of the metaverse. The company will enhance user experience, as well as lower user threshold through a 3D OS UI system. It wants to provide a user-friendly interaction portal for the metaverse.


What are Caduceus Metaverse Protocol’s main features?

The company noted that it would release the Management Platform at first. The blockchain platform will include chain management, visual monitoring, block information retrieval, and other functions. The team is also working on Smart Contract Development IDE. The latter is an online development environment for smart contracts. The users can develop, compile and debug all contract languages supported by the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol on this IDE.

Furthermore, Caduceus Metaverse Protocol will introduce a wide range of tools. The team aims to facilitate user command-line deployment and management operations on the chain, such as chain configuration, certificate generation, and rapid deployment. Meanwhile, SDK will help clients communicate with the chain through RPC, as well as complete various functions like contract creation, invocation, and chain management.

Another interesting feature – Gateway Node is also known as the Protocol Converter. The company uses it to handle the communication protocol between external services and the blockchain, language differences, or data format. On the other hand, Verification Node allows performing transaction preprocessing while also verifying the signature and legitimacy of the transaction. Moreover, it converts the transaction into a read-write set.

There is also Consensus Node. It is crucial for consensus voting, transaction execution, accounting, and event verification. However, Sync Node, also known as Witness Node, is the one that synchronizes and verifies blocks. It also executes transactions and records complete ledger data, but this node does not participate in consensus voting.

Moreover, Light Node synchronizes data from Consensus Nodes. After that, it verifies data validation and filters and stores transactions belonging to the same organization. But it does not have the function of broadcasting transactions or receiving transaction requests.


What about the Storage Node and the Storage Service? 

The team created Storage Node for some special business needs. The important file will be cut into 4K file fragments and then stored in different nodes. Caduceus Metaverse Protocol will support the storage of large files, including audio, videos, and pictures in its blockchain network.

The company also introduced the platform’s native utility token on June 7, 2022. Its ICO is live now, but it will end on June 16, 2022. 25,000 CMP tokens are available for purchase for the price of $0.800000 during the initial coin offering. That is 0.0025% of the total supply. The team aims to raise $20,000 with the sale, and it accepts USDT in exchange for CMP. This token offers lots of benefits. It’s already listed on many ICO ranking platforms. CMP may make a splash in the Defi world if it manages to realize its potential.


CMP token is trending and available. What about SOI?  

Soi Finance is also in the spotlight. Why’s that? 

Soi Finance is a decentralized finance platform that offers a seamless and user-friendly experience. This All-In-One Defi platform aims to make Solana’s off-chain services available on the blockchain. The team also plans to develop multi-chain applications and promote features of decentralized finance that let customers gain economic benefits.

The founders launched Soi Finance in 2022. However, this project continues to grow and offer an ultimate Defi Platform. The company designed the latter to offer maximum value to users and institutions. Soi Finance boasts many advanced features, along with two tokens – SOI and uSOI.

SOI is the native governance and utility token of this newly integrated ecosystem. The team promises to support its sustainable growth and mitigate inflation. On the other hand, uSOI has inflationary tokenomics. It comes together with a whole new staking and farming system.

The company wants Soi Finance to be a place for low-risk staking on large transaction volumes. This platform will encourage high volume by having the best pricing for swaps. In addition, it will be extremely composable with other Defi applications on Solana, thus, reducing the opportunity cost for otherwise low yields.


When will the SOI token’s sale start? 

The team announced that it would launch the SOI token’s ICO sale on June 26, 2022. It will end on July 1, 2022, though. 1 SOI will trade for 0.005 USD during the initial coin offering. The company aims to raise $500,000 with the sale. The total amount of tokens is 1,000,000,000, but only 22% will be available at this stage.

Soi Finance claims that its complete ecosystem will guarantee a sustainable cash flow within itself. The value of SOI, its main native token, is integrated into every product on the platform through various use cases. The latter include farming and staking, paying for trading and swapping fees, and locking for IDO participation. The team plans to add more exciting features in the future, as well.

SOI is a powerful token, boasting many different use cases and serving many roles. The company also has a well-developed roadmap with three phases of development. It plans to create Soi Pad and Soi NFT Marketplace as the core products.


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