Need to develop your copy-editing and proofreading skills?

Do you know the difference between “FAQ’s” and “FAQs” or “less oranges” and “fewer oranges”? Do you cringe when you see things like “all major credit cards excepted” or “your in charge”?

If you answered “yes”, you’re likely well-suited to a career as a copy editor and proofreader. And there’s never been a better time to do a copy-editing and proofreading course. 

Communication is more important than ever: we can share information rapidly on Google, self-publish on Amazon, sell our knowledge as experts, or just share a hobby. It’s one thing to know English grammar rules, but applying them effectively is a challenge for many writers. Copy editors and proofreaders strive to make communication more effective by eliminating misunderstandings between individuals. 

Mistakes and awkward phrases get between writers and their target audience: no writer wants this! If you do a lot of writing, whether personal, creative, or business, you need to present your work properly. Writers need you. Businesses need you.

Whether you’re looking to move into copy-editing and proofreading full time, work as a freelancer, or just want to improve your own skills, doing a training course is an advantage. 

The Wits Copy-editing and Proofreading course helps you to develop your editing skills and gives you a recognised professional qualification. You’ll do 22 practical exercises, each with detailed feedback from a professional freelance copy editor with 19 years’ experience. Asynchronous, with five modules over 10 weeks, the course runs entirely online and fits any work schedule. 

Develop your skills and upgrade your qualifications without having to worry about class times while still receiving support, feedback, and guidance from a qualified and experienced professional. A three-year degree, excellent command of English (including grammar), and basic MS Word proficiency are needed.

Make sure that you apply for the next intake, starting on 1 August. 

Email to [email protected] for information.

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