Top 9 NFT YouTube Influencers You Need to subscribe to in 2022

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If you trade, buy, sell or create NFTs (non-fungible tokens), it is a good idea to follow NFT influencers or experts on TikTok or YouTube to help build your knowledge and understanding of the market. Subscribing to an NFT influencer’s YouTube channel or watching their videos will be highly beneficial to you. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 9 NFT YouTube influencers. You can also get great information on popular NFT Discord communities.

Top 9 NFT YouTube Influencers You Need to subscribe to in 2022

NFT YouTube Influencers To Follow

The below-mentioned influencers post many videos dedicated to the NFT space. There are videos to help beginners in the space as well as videos to keep experts updated with all the current events and upcoming NFT projects. Watching these NFT YouTube influencers’ videos can help you stay active within the space ensuring you are updated with all the major events.

  1. Max Maher

    Max Maher’s YouTube channel contains different kinds of finance-related content with most of them dedicated to cryptocurrency and NFTs. The content he posts is well researched and delivered in a way that even beginners are able to grasp the different concepts he talks about. One of his most popular videos has over a million views and it explains how you can buy and sell NFTs at a profit. Maher seems passionate about the NFT space which makes his videos both informative and entertaining to watch. He also has several crypto-related videos which are helpful for crypto traders and investors as well.

  2. Gary Vaynerchuk

    Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary Vee is an internet personality who is also an entrepreneur, author, and speaker who has emerged at the forefront of the NFT space. His channel has videos that are very informative and helps to educate viewers about different NFT-related topics. He is also the creator of VeeFriends which is an NFT project that focuses on intellectual property and NFTs. His knowledge and influence on the space have even led celebrities and other influencers to start buying, selling, and investing in NFTs. The videos he posts on his channel are sure to be helpful to anyone who watches.

  3. The Wall Street Journal

    The Wall Street Journal is a very well-known business news organization that publishes and posts different kinds of finance content on different platforms. Their YouTube channel has informative and refreshing videos on NFTs as well as videos on different cryptocurrencies as well as the metaverse. Their videos on the NFT space are great for both amateur and novice investors because they are informative and cover important topics.

  4. NFT Times

    The videos posted on the NFT Times YouTube channel primarily focus on news about the NFT space. The videos cover the biggest news of the week in the space and are great for beginners and experts in the field to stay in touch with everything related to the space. The videos cover topics like making NFTs, selling and promoting NFTs, and various NFT projects as well as videos that will help you learn more about the space. This NFT-dedicated channel is worth a subscription for anyone who is interested in the space.

  5. DCL Blogger

    DCL Blogger is one of the earliest NFT YouTube channels. Their videos cover all kinds of NFT topics such as NFT art collections, trading, flipping, creating NFTs as well as upcoming NFT projects. The videos on this channel are extremely helpful and viewers even get a chance to ask NFT-related questions through the comment section of the regular YouTube streams. This question feature on the channels is beneficial for all NFT traders and investors as you can learn many things and ask questions about topics you may need clarifications on which may be addressed on the stream.

  6. Carl Hustle

    This YouTube channel is one of the best NFT-related channels on the platform, covering all kinds of investing and NFT topics. There are videos that teach you how to make 3D NFTs for free, how to create a massive NFT collection, how to turn art on paper to an NFT, as well as videos on animated NFTs. NFT traders and creators can learn about all kinds of ways to profit from NFTs through the videos posted on the channel. The sheer amount of NFT content is great for a beginner who is looking to learn more about the space.

  7. Brett Malinowski

    Brett Malinowski’s YouTube channel is great if you are looking to find videos that will help you navigate the NFT space safely and well. He is an NFT content creator and has even created NFT projects. Watching the videos posted by Brett Malinowski will enable you to identify upcoming and big NFT projects, how you can profit by flipping NFTs, and how to understand the space better.

  8. NFT Nate

    NFT Nate is an NFT YouTube channel that contains videos on NFTs looked at from an analytics point of view, with respect to trading and the art. The videos posted on the channel contains detailed analytics on various NFT projects that can help you identify good and bad NFTs. If you are in the NFT space and enjoy trading and flipping NFTs, NFT Nate is the perfect channel for you. Although, anyone interested in NFTs can learn from the videos posted on the channel.

  9. Hustle Millennial

    This is another NFT YouTube channel that has some of the most helpful NFT-related videos on the platform. There are a large number of NFT-related videos that discuss how to create and sell NFT collections, how to flip NFTs and profit from them, and how to spot and locate upcoming NFTs that will become highly popular in the space. All the NFT-related videos on this channel are sure to give you a helping hand in navigating and understanding the space better.

With a large number of NFT channels present on YouTube, it may get overwhelming to find good NFT Youtubers to follow on the platform. The ten channels listed above are some of the best NFT YouTube influencers that cover topics related to the space and are sure to help you along your NFT journey.

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