Italy’s Draghi secures Senate support for his government’s stance on Ukraine

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has won Senate support for his government’s support for Ukraine against Russia.

Members of the coalition Five Star Movement (M5S) had called on Draghi to stop sending weapons to Kyiv and focus on diplomacy.

Their threat to split from Draghi’s government could have destabilised Italian politics, but Draghi secured backing on Tuesday and thanked senators for their “united” support for the government line.

M5S leader — and former Italian PM — Giuseppe Conte has openly called for the country to stop sending weapons to Ukraine.

But the criticism has only created further divisions within the party, involving Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.

According to Italian media, Di Maio was considering leaving the M5S, following disappointing results in recent local and administrative elections.

The party was founded in 2009 as an alternative to Italy’s “establishment” political groups but has become fragmented since winning the most votes in the 2018 election.

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