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The new 60-ball tournament, THE 6IXTY, was unveiled on Wednesday by the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and Cricket West Indies (CWI). It will be played from August 24 to 28 at Warner Park in St. Kitts & Nevis. 

Men’s and women’s teams are anticipated to compete in THE 6IXTY’s first season under new playing circumstances. 

One of the major guidelines emphasised by the organisers is that each batting team will be deemed out when the sixth wicket falls. If they hit two sixes in the first 12 balls of the inning, they can unlock a third Power Play over. They will receive two Power Play overs with fielding restrictions. Between overs 3-9, this PowerPlay additional over may be used.

Before rotating to the other end for the second half, the bowling team will bowl 30 balls (five overs) from one end. In an inning, no bowler is permitted to bowl more than two overs. Additionally, bowling teams will be penalised for failing to bowl their overs on time in an effort to keep the games raunchy and brisk. For the final six balls, a player from the defaulting team will be removed from the field. 

The competition is primarily a T10 format with the following major exceptions: 


  • Instead of 10, each batting team has six wickets. 
  • By hitting two sixes in the first two overs of the powerplay, batting teams can “unlock” a floating third over. 
  • Instead of exchanging ends after each over, teams will bowl five consecutive overs from each end. 
  • A fielder will be taken out for the final six balls if teams don’t finish their 10 overs within 45 minutes. 
  • Through an app or website, fans can vote for a “mystery free hit.”

Fans will also participate in the game by casting votes to determine when a “Mystery Free Hit” will occur.

“The future is in tight cooperation between CPL and CWI, which is how THE 6IXTY was created. I’m really excited for the fans it will provide with in terms of innovation, excitement, and entertainment “said Cricket West Indies President Ricky Skerritt. 

“World-class men’s and women’s cricketers will participate in a magnificent event for the Caribbean,” said Pete Russell, CEO of the CPL, “and this paired with cutting-edge innovations heralds a terrific moment for all fans of West Indian cricket.”

After their ODI series against New Zealand concludes on August 21, West Indies players will be available, and Chris Gayle will serve as an ambassador for the 6ixty. Even though it clashes with the conclusion of the Hundred’s group rounds, some international players are likely to arrive early to compete in the competition.

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