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Online Cricket Satta Bazar Podcasts To Follow

Best Cricket Betting Podcasts to listen to | Online Cricket Satta Bazar Podcasts To Follow

Online cricket betting podcasts are a great way to keep up with what’s happening in the world of cricket whenever you have some free time. Some are interesting and insightful, while others may be informative. There are many different online cricket betting Satta Bazar podcasts because everyone has a unique taste. Some people enjoy comedy, all 22 player breakdowns, and some mix the two together. 

As you can see below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite online cricket betting podcasts for new and experienced bettors, and those looking for the latest information regarding their favorite team or player. This is particularly important as being informed when placing a bet is crucial to increasing your chances of winning on sites like Yolo247.

Top Online Cricket Betting Podcasts to follow

Betting 360 Podcast

Viewers can get a 360-degree view of the world of online betting using Betting 360. They cover sports betting, poker, casino gaming, and all other forms of online gambling. Wherever sports are popular, placing bets online has become a common practice. As Betting 360 collaborates with the top sportsbooks, poker rooms, and casinos, they offer exclusive bonuses and deals at each betting site.

CB Cricket Prediction

CB Cricket Prediction is renowned for providing several free services, such as match predictions, match analysis and player of the match predictions.

If you are a passionate cricket fan, you may have the same daily dilemma. Who will win today’s game based on the current situation? Do you have any predictions for today’s game? Who will be the best player?

With CB Cricket Prediction, there is little need to worry. For example, their experts will spend considerable time researching statistics about each team, as well as the individual players’ form, playing conditions, injury reports, and many other intangible factors to find the predictions for the cricket match between the two teams.

Best Cricket Betting Podcasts to listen to | Online Cricket Satta Bazar Podcasts To Follow

Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii

R.J. Roshan presents the chance to look back at the iconic moments in cricket’s history that have inspired generations, teams, and past players. For those who were old enough to have played competitive cricket in gullies, listen to the stories of record-breaking runs, wickets, and balls, have had their favorite teams and players break records, and have wagered on the future of cricket’s historical moments, RJ Roshan offers you the opportunity to relive these moments!

In what way? This is a numbers game, and there is no way around it. Let’s return to that sport that most of us have enjoyed at least once by listening in again. It is one of the best online cricket podcasts available.

Betfair Betting Podcast

Here you will find the Betfair Betting Podcast. If you’re a cricket nut, you can enjoy your fix each week. Also, if you love other sports such as football or NFL, this podcast is for you. Details:

  • Weighed In – the racing review program is on Mondays and features Tony Calvin and Kevin Blake.
  • Cricket- is played on Tuesdays With Ed Hawkins, on only Bettor.
  • During the season – NFL games are on Wednesdays. With Mike Carlson, only Bettor.
  • Football – With Kevin Hatchard, Mark O’Haire, and guests, Only Bettor airs every Thursday and Monday during Champions League weeks.
  • Racing – The week is concluded on Friday with Only Bettor starring Hugh Cahill, Tony, and Kevin.
Best Cricket Betting Podcasts to listen to | Online Cricket Satta Bazar Podcasts To Follow

The Rush Hour with Bernie, Blewey & Jars Catch-Up – Triple M Adelaide

Three of Australia’s greatest sports stars will be sharing their thoughts and opinions on what has been dubbed the biggest sports debate of our time, Bernie Vince, Greg Blewett, and Andrew Jarman, Australian sporting icons. The guys show you the news and stories that matter in the world of sports never like before, and all this while entertaining you during the process.


Crickcastpod is a cricket Satta program where you can discover the personal side of the world’s top athletes and achievers as they delve beyond the personas and explore what lies behind the personas of those who have achieved success in their field. In his many years of covering races and performances, Sam Crick, the host has been diligently trying to obtain as much information about an athlete’s personal life as he can, which is usually not given to fans in the two-minute interviews we get after races and performances. In the podcast, various motivational messages, life experiences, debates, and humour are sprinkled throughout.

2 Blokes and a Ball

Two SoCal friends have gathered to bring you this show, where they share their experiences and expertise in finding an edge on the market to make money through sports betting. Their hosts, Max and Rohan, will be joined by guests as they discuss the latest news in cricket, Satta, entertainment, and betting, bringing you the latest updates as they arise. Don’t miss their weekly hot takes, banter, and insights. Keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Betting WeeklyTM: Cricket

Bringing you the top insights into the batting of international cricket teams, Betting WeeklyTM: Cricket spans the globe. They share the daily tips and tricks for cricket bets of international matches. They are hosted by some top experts like John Wright and Ed Hawkins.

Sports Gambling Podcast

This podcast delivers analysis, advice, opinion, and picks about sports gambling crafted by sports gamblers specifically for sports gamblers. It is hosted weekly by a pair of successful sports gambling enthusiasts – Sean Green and Ryan Kramer.

Together they have over 40 years of knowledge and experience in cricket Satta. We intend to cover a broad range of sports and gambling topics in the program, such as the latest news in the sports and gambling world, sports and gambling previews, handicapping strategies, predictions for big games, line movement analysis, and free picks every day we provide for our listeners.

Bet Central Podcast

The Bet Central Podcast is a sports betting podcast hosted by, which offers an array of sports betting topics, ranging from football, rugby, cricket, and UFC, to the NBA and a wide range of other sporting events, as well as a wide range of betting strategies that are closely based on football.

Many people are interested in betting and listening to the Bet Central podcast because it is not only for those looking for betting tips but also for those who are simply interested in listening to insightful opinions on a variety of sports.

There are many sports betting podcasts on the market, but the Bet Central podcast is number one in South Africa. A sports betting podcast called Bet Central covers a wide range of sports from basketball and soccer to rugby and cricket, as well as the UFC, the NHL, and so many more.

The Final Word Cricket Podcast

Two cricket writers, known as The Final Word, Geoff Lemon and Adam Collins, travel worldwide every year to cover one of the strangest and most beautiful games in the world. With an emphasis on deep-dive interviews with interesting people and always returning to the absurd and entertaining aspects of the game, we give cricket nothing but reverence and irreverence. Everything from match analysis to philosophy, delve into the philosophy of the game, and more.

The Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack named The Final Word podcast in 2020 as the best in the world among cricket podcasts. More than 5 million people have downloaded the podcast in the last few months.

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