Tunisia: Exam Cheating Case – Criminal Investigations Initiated Against Eight People in Sidi Bouzid

Tunis/Tunisia — The prosecutor at the first instance court in Sidi Bouzid authorised the launch of criminal investigations against eight people for involvement in an exam cheating and document forgery case, First Deputy Prosecutor Jaber Ghanmi told TAP.

They include an official in charge of a baccalaureate exam centre, two of his assistants, exam supervisors and centre staff. A search warrant was also issued against a candidate for cheating.

The detainees are involved in a baccalaureate exam cheating case when a candidate was caught red handed last year but was allowed though to continue taking the test.

The public prosecutor ordered an investigation to be initiated into cheating and participation to fasification of documents at a national exam following a complaint lodged by the State litigation officer against the Ministry of Education.

The investigating judge ordered the defendants to be kept at liberty and deferred the case to a later date till investigations are finalised.

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